New snail species with semi-transparent shell discovered in Lukina Jama cave system in Croatia

The new cave-dwelling snail, Zospeum tholussum, discovered in Croatia’s Lukina Jama–Trojama cave system.

September 17, 2013 – In one of the 20 deepest caves in the world, and the deepest in Croatia, Lukina jama-Trojama, scientists from the Croatian Biospeleological Society have found a new snail species which has semi-transparent shell. The newly found snail species, named Zospeum tholussum, is considered to be a true eutroglobiont or cave-dweller, writes It is a very small snail with a translucent shell which lives in complete darkness, has no eyes and moves only a couple of millimeters or centimeters per week. “They only creep a few…

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