Shocking – smugglers disguised elephant ivory into chocolate in China

Elephant tusks disguised as chocolate © WWF

China / August 15, 2013 – Custom officials in Macao, China grew suspicious last week when they saw 15 boxes of unusually heavy chocolate in a set of luggage. Further investigation brought a staggering find: After soaking in warm water, the chocolate melted away to reveal 583 elephant tusks. Between September and December of 2012, more than 90 ivory seals, known as name chops, were found concealed in chocolate packaging and recovered from South Africa to Taiwan. In another recent seizure, Hong Kong customs officials found 1,148 ivory tusks disguised…

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Climate change threatens Giant Pandas’ bamboo source and survival

November 14, 2012 – China’s endangered wild pandas may soon need new food source, based on models that indicate climate change may kill off swaths of bamboo that pandas need to survive. In this week’s Nature Climate Change, an international journal, scientists from Michigan State University (MSU) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences provide comprehensive forecasts of how changing climate may affect the most common species of bamboo that carpet the forest floors of prime panda habitat in northwestern China. Even the most optimistic scenarios show that bamboo die-offs would effectively cause…

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