Hungarian Plane Tree Awarded the Most Lovable Tree of Europe in 2013

A 250 year-old London plane tree (Platanus acerifolia) from Eger, Heves region, Hungary, has been chosen as the European Tree of the Year 2013 scoring 14,205 public votes.

People from all over the world voted for the trees in the European Tree of the Year contest from the 1st to the 28th February 2013 on, and the winner was announced on March 1st. The aim of the contest was to increase awareness of European trees and the historical and natural heritage which they represent.

The contest was organized by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation (Nadace Partnerství) for the third time, with the financial support of the State Environmental Fund, Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic and Tetra Pak, and the support by European Landowners’ Organisation and IUCN.

According to the organizers, their goal was to search for “the tree closest to heart, a tree with a story that can bring the community together” and not for “the oldest, the tallest, the biggest, the most beautiful or the rarest of trees.”

London plane tree (Platanus acerifolia) from Hungary, winner of the European Tree of the Year 2013

London plane tree (Platanus acerifolia) from Hungary, winner of the European Tree of the Year 2013. Image source:

“Through the stories of these trees which are connected to local communities, we try to make people interested in their local natural heritage. When people make a bond with the trees in their neighbourhood, they realize that these trees need to be taken care of, not to lose them,” said Hana Rambousková, the contest coordinator from the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation.

The winner received his award from Mr Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment, during the Green Week international conference held in Brussels on Wednesday 5th June on the occasion of World Environment Day.

Results of the voting:
1st place – Plane tree in Eger, Hungary – 14,205 votes
2nd place – Plane Tree in Kozy, Poland – 13,898 votes
3rd place – King Oak in Tullamore, Ireland – 5,785 votes
4th place – Lime Tree in the Nové Dvory Alley, Czech Republic – 4,636 votes
5th place – Plane Tree from Komjatice, Slovakia – 3,876 votes
6th place – The Mulberry and Walnut trees of Glushnik, Bulgaria – 2,737 votes

More information about the European Tree of the Year contest: