About Us

Welcome to environmentaltopics.net. Here you can find the latest news on the most pressing issues about environment which require urgent attention of governments, scientists, landscape managers, media, NGOs, stakeholders, the public, etc.

Apart from announcements of the current and planned events (projects, meetings, conferences, etc.) in the fields of landscape ecology, sustainable development and climate change, our goal is to raise awareness on the degree of nature degradation today and why it is so important to protect the environment around us.

We focused our work on several scientific fields:  Land use, because its change and inadequate management most often directly lead to the loss of biological diversity, and ecological networks are one of the methods for biodiversity protection. On the other side, as the benefits people obtain from nature are measured through ecosystem services, an improper land use can also lead to the overexploitation and irrational use of natural resources which distorts the balance of sustainable development principles (ecology, economy, society). Climate change & global warming have a direct and indirect negative influence on both, biodiversity protection and sustainable development.